HCM Cloud Applications At Your Fingertips

Applications that focus on user experience consistently outperform competitors. The Oracle suite of cloud-based BI applications excel in this area. HCM professionals looking for an edge in their field have utilized PowerBI Migration to gain an advantage and advance in the business world. See how this heightened user experience expresses itself by reading on:

A Focus on Problem Solving
New tech needs to be adaptable and easy to pick up and use. Many consumer devices focus on these aspects. Oracle Fusion HCM does the same with Business Intelligence tools. All new products require onboarding time for employees to learn to use them. Shorten this time and increase overall productivity with HCM in the cloud.

Insights at Your Fingertips
Oracle tools provide easy-to-digest insights. Functional data can be derived with ease by combining multiple analytical strategies through automated reporting. IF business leaders are looking to have their workforce engage on a deeper level with the company, this is a great starting point. These cloud applications facilitate greater communication and streamline the creative and decision making process at every level of your organization. In an ever changing business climate, organization and collaboration are key to staying on track and facilitating company wide expectations.

Optimize The Employee Journey
Through the HCM Cloud, HR executives can monitor employees’ performance, mood, and attitude. They can then use this data to pick patterns and identify potential turnover, making it possible for them to intervene and create opportunities for employee development, training, and appraisal.

Strategic Focus
Through Oracle Fusion HCM, HR professionals can move past administrative tasks and concentrate on issues that demand a hands-on approach. Tasks such as recruitment, payroll, and record-keeping have been simplified, thus improving accuracy, efficacy, and employee morale.

Oracle HCM Reports Transforming Tomorrows Businesses

The modern workforce is highly dynamic, and now more than ever, HR executives have to re-examine their practices. They should take a holistic approach that not only helps them hire right but also supports people’s skills and career aspirations. Fortunately, Oracle has made this, and so much more, possible through innovative software and modules. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.