Our experience in Data Management and Enterprise applications has lead to a marvelous data masking tool !


• Data Terrains data masking tool masks sensitive data in Non-Production environment by an automated process and it reduces the risk of data breach in Non- Production environments where data is more vulnerable. This masking activity is one-way and irreversible. Using this Data Terrains masking tool, we can mask our sensitive data with ease and become compliant to various privacy laws.

Sensitive Data Discovery

• Data Terrains masking tool first discovers the sensitive columns available in database by scanning the data dictionary to find where all sensitive data is located. Sensitive columns will be discovered based on the pre-defined entries in the config file. This config file can also be customized by users by adding/removing entries in it. Once sensitive columns are identified and finalized, we proceed with masking.

Sensitive Data Masking

• While masking sensitive data It retains referential integrity.
• While masking sensitive data It retains uniqueness if unique index exists.
• While masking based on transformation type specified by user masking will be done as given below.
• While masking if transformation type is not specified then masking will be done based on the datatype as given below.

DB Features

• Generate report listing details of all users in the database.
• Option to LOCK all or a specific user in database.
• Option to UNLOCK all or a specific user in database.
• Option to GRANT a ROLE to all [PUBLIC] or a specific user in database.
• Option to REVOKE a ROLE from all or a specific user in database.

OS Features

• Check if root ID exists with UID 0 and root login is Enabled/Disabled.
• Report listing SUDO users in the server.
• Generate report listing NON SUDO users in the server.
• Generate memory (RAM/SWAP) utilization (Total/Used/Free) report at specific intervals in the server.
• Generate Filesystem Utilization report and alert when utilization exceeds threshold limit.
• Generate Report listing all Running/Stopped/Disabled services in the server.
• Generate Report listing firewall details in the server.
• Generate Report listing all packages installed in the server.
• Generate User Detail report listing System Users/Non-System Users/Users belonging to SYS group.
• Generate User Activity (Login activity details, Abnormal time login details, Crash/Down details, Last Login details, Failed password attempts) report for all users or a specific user.
• Option to clean-up OS users.
• Generate report on File/Dir Permissions
a. Listing Directories and Files with 777 Permissions
b. Listing Files NOT owned by app id in the app directory
• Generate report of Abnormal Files
a. Listing Zero-byte files in the app directory
b. Listing Files of size 0 Bytes to 5 KB in the app directory
• Generate report listing Large files in the server with size exceeding the defined threshold limit / exceeding default size of 1 GB
• Generate report listing the New/Deleted Files in app directory.
• Generate report mapping file to a process.
• Option to KILL process.
• Option to archive a directory.
• Option to Search for String Pattern in App directory.
• Generate report listing files accessed/modified specific days back.

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Have you used Hyperion BRIO / SQR / IR reporting ?

For a limited time, DataTerrain is offering a free trial of BI DesignerPlus !

DataTerrain’s DesignerPlus turbo charges transition from Hyperion BRIO / SQR to Oracle OBIEE / OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud)

DataTerrain, a leader in Business Intelligence reports transition automation solutions, announced the launch of its “BI DesignerPlus” for customers who are looking to create more complex reports with ease in OBIEE / OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud). If you have been user of Hyperion BRIO / SQR / IR reporting for years you can see why ?

Brio Interactive Reporting (IR) has many popular and highly appreciated features, like CUME. While Oracle provided extended support till April 2018, the end of Brio IR’s / SQR code development and support life creates a need for supporting customers in newer products (OBIEE / OAC  with familiar features from the Hyperion world.

BI DesignerPlus from DataTerrain includes many of popular BRIO features in the new Oracle OBIEE / OAC reports development studio. The simple and user-friendly icons save enormous time and provide comfort for report developers to deliver complex reports in the new OBIEE / OAC reporting. BI DesignerPlus is a new plugin which works as an extension for Oracle OBIEE / OAC that bridges gaps from the Hyperion BRIO to newer OBIEE / OAC .

The number one benefit of using the BI DesignerPlus is that complex OBIEE / OAC reports can be created with minimal XML coding knowledge, which saves significant time and costs in expert skills.

Following are some of the Key features in BI DesignerPlus that makes every development easy:

  • CUME function support which returns a cumulative running total
  • Alternate row color for Tables
  • Suppression of Duplicates in Table
  • Distinct Count data aggregation for chart
  • Running Sum function
  • Running Count function

BI DesignerPlus brings in the best features of the report authoring tools as extension to Oracle OBIEE / OAC . The new GUI for easier Chart creation and several other features save considerable time in day to day report modification or creation. As customers develop more complex reports or convert reports from existing BRIO platform, BI DesignerPlus gives the smart report creation advantage:

  • Time savings – the out-of-box functionalities significantly reduce the time to create a report
  • Cost savings – reduces the dependency of expert developers, as XML coding would be minimal, and tons of manual errors can be avoided.

DataTerrain is committed to be ahead of customer BI needs, delivering state-of-the-art solutions to increase business productivity while reducing costs. BI DesignerPlus is one of the products which will achieve these goals. Customers using BI DesignerPlus will typically benefit from 80% reduction in effort creating BI Publisher reports. For additional information and free trail of Data terrain’s BI DesignerPlus tool visit

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