Automation tool for Business Intelligence reports restructuring and consolidation.

Consolidation is a process that combines multiple reports and dashboards while removing redundancies. From years of experience with hundreds of customers’ projects, we have developed analysis and statistical techniques to identify similarities and groups of items based on their characteristics. We use algorithms to identify patterns, record linkage, sorting, and locality-sensitive mapping to consolidate multiple business intelligence reports. The goal of consolidation is typically to provide a clearer picture of the operational status of Business Intelligence reports / analytical platforms.

In the consolidation process handling large volumes of Reports and Dashboards is a challenge if the sources are disparate or have different formats. It can become overwhelming, especially if the sources are disparate or have different formats. The sheer volume can make it difficult to accurately and efficiently consolidate and potentially lead to errors or inconsistencies in the final output.

Restructuring can begin by identifying and removing redundancies. Rationalization is identifying and eliminating redundancies to help the restructuring process and streamline reports and dashboards across departments or divisions to minimize the potential for duplicated efforts.

The rationalization process collects and compares the following: name and definition of each metric identified on each report, name and definition of each dimension identified on each report, data types and length of each metric/dimension on the report, source database, table and column name for each metric and dimension, components used in the report design (tables/charts), report run frequency.

DataTerrain developed an automation tool that addresses this challenge. The automation tool is tested and proven to rationalize and consolidate the inventory of reports and dashboards. Business intelligence initiatives to improve management and data analysis can benefit from this automation tool to save time or cost.


Our experience in Data Management and Enterprise applications has made it possible to develop a marvelous data masking tool!


Data Terrains data masking tool masks sensitive data in Non-Production environments by an automated process. It reduces the risk of a data breach, which is more vulnerable in Non-Production environments where data is more vulnerable. This masking activity is irreversible. Using this Data Terrains masking tool, customers can be compliant with various privacy laws.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Data Terrains masking tool scans the data dictionary to find all sensitive data. It produces a configuration file before proceeding with the next step of data masking. Users can also customize the config file by adding or removing the column names in the config file. All the sensitive columns in the config file will be encrypted/masked using industry-leading standards. Our masking tool masks sensitive data while retaining referential integrity and data uniqueness, is flexible to take instructions from users on customization and suggests standards.

DB Features

• Generate report listing details of all users in the database.
• Option to LOCK all or a specific user in database.
• Option to UNLOCK all or a specific user in database.
• Option to GRANT a ROLE to all [PUBLIC] or a specific user in database.
• Option to REVOKE a ROLE from all or a specific user in database.

OS Features

Check if root ID exists with UID 0 and root login is Enabled/Disabled.
Report listing SUDO users in the server.
Generate report listing NON SUDO users in the server.
Generate memory (RAM/SWAP) utilization (Total/Used/Free) report at specific intervals in the server.
Generate Filesystem Utilization report and alert when utilization exceeds threshold limit.
Generate Report listing all Running/Stopped/Disabled services in the server.
Generate Report listing firewall details in the server.
Generate Report listing all packages installed in the server.
Generate User Detail report listing System Users/Non-System Users/Users belonging to SYS group.
Generate User Activity (Login activity details, Abnormal time login details, Crash/Down details, Last Login details, Failed password attempts) report for all users or a specific user.
Option to clean-up OS users.
Generate report on File/Dir Permissions
Listing Directories and Files with 777 Permissions
Listing Files NOT owned by app id in the app directory.
Generate report of Abnormal Files
Listing Zero-byte files in the app directory
Listing Files of size 0 Bytes to 5 KB in the app directory
Generate report listing large files in the server with size exceeding the defined threshold limit / exceeding default size of 1 GB.
Generate report listing the New/Deleted Files in app directory.
Generate report mapping file to a process.
Option to KILL process.
Option to archive a directory.
Option to Search for String Pattern in App directory.
Generate report listing files accessed/modified specific days back.

Have you used Hyperion BRIO / SQR / IR reporting?

Try our BI DesignerPlus !

DataTerrain speeds the transition from Hyperion BRIO to Oracle OBIEE and OAC.

DataTerrain, a leader in the Business Intelligence domain for transition automation solutions, announced the launch of its BI DesignerPlus for customers looking to easily create more complex reports in OBIEE / OAC. If you have been using Hyperion BRIO / SQR / IR reporting for years, you can see why this product is so valuable.

While Oracle extended the support life of BRIO and announced the end of BRIO IR’s / SQR code development, it creates a need for supporting customers in newer products with popular features from the Hyperion world.

BI DesignerPlus from DataTerrain includes many popular BRIO features in the Oracle OBIEE / OAC reporting studio. The simple and user-friendly icons save enormous time and provide comfort for report developers to deliver complex reports in the Oracle OBIEE / OAC. BI DesignerPlus is a new plugin that extends for Oracle OBIEE / OAC, bridging gaps from the Hyperion BRIO to Oracle’s latest reporting platform.

The first benefit of using BI DesignerPlus is that complex OBIEE / OAC reports can be created with minimal XML coding or NO coding knowledge, saving time and costs.

The following are some of the critical features of BI DesignerPlus that make development easy:

  • CUME function support
  • Alternate row color for Tables
  • Suppression of Duplicates in Table
  • Distinct Count data aggregation for chart
  • Running Sum function
  • Running Count function

BI DesignerPlus brings the best report authoring tools (IR) features as an extension to Oracle OBIEE / OAC. It has a new graphical user interface (GUI) for easier chart creation and several other features that save considerable time in day-to-day report modification or design. As customers develop more complex reports or convert reports from existing BRIO platforms, BI DesignerPlus gives the Smart Report Creation advantage.

Time savings – the out-of-box functionalities significantly reduce the time to create a report—cost savings – reducing dependency on expert developers and manual errors.

DataTerrain is committed to being ahead of customer BI needs, delivering state-of-the-art solutions to increase business productivity while reducing costs. One product that will achieve this goal is BI DesignerPlus. Customers using BI DesignerPlus typically benefit from an 80% reduction in effort in creating BI Publisher reports. Please let us know if you are looking for a demo!

Slack and Microsoft Team integration to Oracle Ebusiness application

Oracle E-Business Suite, one of Oracle Corp.’s major product lines, is also known as Oracle EBS. It is an integrated set of business applications for automating CRM, ERP, and SCM processes within organizations. Slack is an enterprise messaging app for businesses that brings people together to work as one unified team. Microsoft Teams is your organization’s ultimate enterprise messaging app—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! All in one place, all in the open, all accessible to everyone.

DataTerrain announced the launch of its Slack and Microsoft EBS connectors for customers looking to integrate the Oracle EBS workflows with Slack/Microsoft teams. DataTerrain’s Slack/Microsoft connector works seamlessly with the latest Oracle EBS, providing bi-directional integration between the enterprise messaging system and EBS. Notifications are delivered in real-time and accessible on any device, so customers can stay on top of the EBS requests and take swift action without leaving enterprise messaging apps.


DataTerrain launched a new Oracle analytics RPD Merge tool.

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge tool is a time-saving, easy-to-use tool to merge multiple RPD files in a single run to produce a final merged output RPD without missing any of the input files. Accurately merge the RPD file, ensuring the result synchronizes with the original input RPD files.

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge tool has features like RPD Diff finder, Patch, and Export to enhance the way you manage multiple RPDs. While you can discover the differences between two RPD files using our RPD Diff feature with helpful color highlighting, the Patch feature helps you patch exactly and only what is relevant and required. You do this efficiently by selecting the objects from the source you want to patch and moving them to the target RPD. The Patch tab displays the RPD’s tree structure. It provides a clear view of moving from source to target RPD Merge’s convenient Schedule option. It lets you run your merge automatically at a time of day that minimizes workplace disruption with a scheduler option. DataTerrain’s RPD merge tool can save the differences as a text, PDF, or image file to be viewed graphically or shared with an option to export the differences as an XML file.