In the world of Business Intelligence, that deals with a huge amount of data, Auditing and Monitoring are necessary in order to analyze who is using the data, how much data is used and frequency of usage. Jaspersoft Server licensed edition provides Auditing and Monitoring features in the built-in form of domains, views and reports. Users can turn on and off auditing and monitoring from Config level.

The following are some of the Jaspersoft Auditing and Monitoring features and usage.

• Auditing and monitoring settings can be configured from the file,applicationContext-audit.xmllocated in the WEB-INF. By default, the auditing and monitoring subsystem is off.

• The audit data can be moved to separate database tables through a mechanism called “Archiving”.

• Adhoc views can be created using Audit Domain and Audit Reports, Audit Archive Domain and Archived Audit Reports that are available in the Jaspersoft Server.

Audit reports contain information about general and repository events, user events, role events, as well as report events.

• Monitoring reports only contain information about report events. Monitoring can be done using the Domain, views and reports available in Jaspersoft server under /Public/Monitoring folder. Views and reports can be created on top of Monitoring domain.

• In order to view the default audit reports available in the Jaspersoft server, the auditing property should be enabled from the audit configuration file.

• The default audit reports can be also be scheduled. Users can also modify the Adhoc views in the Ad Hoc Editor to generate new reports to suit the auditing requirements.


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