Oracle Apex Theme

Themes are collections of templates that define the layout and style of an application. The idea behind a theme is to provide a complete set of templates that accommodate every UI pattern that may be needed in an application.

Theme styles are used to customize themes, to switch to a different color scheme, apply a flat look, or make a theme responsive. A theme can have multiple theme styles with one style set as active. You can modify a theme style CSS file using Theme Roller.

Templates are organized first by a template type and then by template class. Template types include page, region, report, list, button, label, and popup list of values (LOV).

Template options provide a declarative way to apply different styles to components on an Oracle Application Express page. You can use template options to apply different colors or accents, different spacing and padding, and display form fields with different alignments. They reduce the need to have multiple similar templates defined in a theme.

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