Leaders of Multinational organizations see an increasing opportunity to make the most of the ever-increasing volume of data available in the enterprise.

Effective mining, modeling, and analyses using even a fraction of the data available have proven to be a competitive differentiator due to improved decision-making across ranks. ABI(Analytics and Business Intelligence) tools continue to integrate deeper into personal productivity tools to track additional user behaviors. Interaction methods like NLG(Natural Language Generation), NLQ(Natural Language Querying), and conversational analytics interfaces democratize access to data and insights for decision-making.

Amazon Quicksight enables users across an organization to understand data by asking questions in natural language. Exploring through interactive dashboards is made much easier and machine learning powers the quest for patterns and outliers. As the most popular cloud-native, serverless BI service, Amazon QuickSight powers millions of dashboard views weekly for customers. The key features of Amazon Quicksight are –

  • Quicksight Q to democratize BI – Time-consuming data preparations are avoided by enabling users to ask conversational questions off the data and generating relevant visualizations using Q’s ML-powered engine
  • ML insights enhancing advanced analytics – ML to improve the accuracy of forecasting and what-if analyses to discover hidden insights from data. Dashboards can be enriched by adding easy-to-understand natural language narratives.
  • Embedded analytics to differentiate applications – User experience differentiation and upgrade by embedding dashboards, interactive visualizations, sophisticated dashboard authoring, and natural language query capabilities in enterprise applications.

Gartner names Amazon Quicksight a Visionary

Gartner® has named Amazon Quicksight a Visionary in its 2022 Magic Quadrant™. Gartner lists the following as strengths of Amazon Quicksight –

  • Scalability – Large-scale BI deployments are easily supported by the serverless cloud architecture of Amazon Quicksight. The AWS cloud stack can be leveraged to support a large number of concurrent users and enables organizations to scale based on usage.
  • Competitive Pricing – Content consumers benefit from the unique pay-per-session model of Amazon Quicksight. Content authors pay per user per month with discounts for annual commitments.
  • Integration with AWS – Many large enterprises are investing heavily in AWS(Amazon Web Services) for their data and analytics, as it is one of the largest cloud service providers. Amazon Quicksight improves security by natively integrating with AWS security frameworks and data sources.

Key benefits of Amazon Quicksight 

SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) from DataTerrain and Amazon(which lists success stories like one of the world’s largest metals and mining corporations and a global powerhouse focusing on electrification, automation, and digitalization) have seen the following as major benefits for enterprises rolling out Amazon Quicksight –

  • Seamless connectivity and scalability – Amazon Quicksight provides the ability to conveniently connect all customer data on AWS, 3rd party clouds, or On-prem. Data exploration is easily scaled to thousands of users using SPICE in-memory storage.
  • Customizable dashboards – use-case-specific dashboards customized using pixel-perfect dashboard design delivering personalized alerts and email reports, in addition to, on-the-go access using Amazon QuickSight’s mobile web access.
  • Enhanced insights through ML integrations – Anomaly detection to continuously scan and analyze data for variations, improved business forecasting, and interactive what-if analysis with point and click. Customized auto-narratives can be weaved into dashboards to give deeper context to users.
  • True self-service BI for everyone – Easy visual analysis on a 100% web-based authoring interface. Users are allowed to deep-dive into data through simple questions enabled by Q
  • Native AWS integrations and enhanced security – Native IAM permissions for Amazon S3 and Athena, Amazon Sagemaker integration for easy access to sophisticated ML models without complex data pipelines, Secure access to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Exasol, Amazon RDS, and more. End-to-end data encryption and encryption at rest, rapid deployment of controls for HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, GDPR, SOC, PCI, ISO 27001, FedRAMP(High), and more