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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there were about 7.3 million job openings in May this year. Around the same time, the total employee turnover was 5.5 million. A recent news article pointed out that 22% of employee turnover happens within the initial 45 days of employment. More companies are recognizing the impact an employee’s first day at work has on their retention and loyalty.

The top 5 advanced onboarding techniques that have proven beneficial include:

1. Onboarding before day one
If your organization goes silent after your new hire acknowledges the job offer, you might be sending a wrong message. Today, companies are making use of online induction platforms which are enabled by HCM cloud systems. This is meant to make the employee aware of their job description, the company’s culture, value, and mission, among other pertinent information. Employees can take this chance to fill up any onboarding forms.

2. Pairing the new employee with a mentor from day one
Assigning a mentor to your new hire reduces first-day anxiety by helping them feel supported and engaged. Expectations of this partnership need to be outlined from the get-go. A mentor will help a new employee learn the ropes much faster.

3. Making the first day memorable
The first day is the most appropriate time for your new hire to start building relationships. Make the first day memorable by making sure their desk is set up and that they have all the tools needed to commence with their onboarding tasks. Go further than introducing an employee to the rest of the team by providing a social environment where they can bond. For example, schedule lunch for the new employee and his teammates.

4. Having a resource database
Your new employee questions regarding your departmental procedures and business processes. Have a single repository where such information is easy to find, update, and manage. Luckily, this can easily be enabled through BI report support.

5. Involvement and communication
Giving your new employee feedback about their performance and where they can improve is likely to make them feel engaged and involved. These can be automated HCM reports or a report from the team manager. Remember to ask your new hire for their experience and where you can improve.

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Although these tactics have proven useful, you can hardly expect your employees to hit the ground running. Proper integration takes time. Before your new hire takes up their position, ensure they are aware of what you expect of them. Provide an environment where they can freely communicate and get feedback on their progress. Get your employees invested and engaged with the future of your business and learn more about how DataTerrain and Oracle Fusion HCM reporting may help your company grow and prosper by contacting us here.