Oracle Human Capital Management

We live in times where the Human Resources team of your company is being tested more than ever before, with a lack of workplace diversity, sexual harassment, and gender-based pay differential being front-page news all over the world. That makes it more important than ever that your HR team has a good understanding of artificial intelligence, and how it might be used to advance the company, as well as the HR team itself.

How HR comes into play
With all the new BI tool migration technology available today, many employees in the workplace find gaps between the technology offered by their companies, and what they use routinely at home. HR team members need to play a role in bridging that gap between employees and management, with regard to technology which isn’t up to snuff, especially since disgruntled employees may be quick to leave. When that happens, it can be hard to replace the employee, and the recruiting and hiring process is often long and costly.

Given the advances being made in technology and artificial intelligence, it’s very possible that employees might also think they could be phased out of work themselves, being replaced by some A.I.-capable robot. Here again is another area that HR must intervene and reassure employees that there is a future for them at the company, to relieve anxiety and stress.

Advancing your HR team
Since it will no longer be enough to have a gut feeling about how things are going internally in a company, HR will need to have tools in place that can make all decisions data-driven, i.e. being sourced in hard, company-collected information. These Oracle Fusion HCM tools can also help to develop, sustain, and measure the productivity of all employees, so that top performers can be identified as well as lesser performers. Artificial intelligence can be a key component of these tools which provide all the data to HR team members, so that productivity and performance can be closely monitored.

When your HR team is empowered with advanced report migration tools, it will have the capabilities to recruit, retain, and engage employees, while also identifying which employees are the best performers in the company. That will fulfill an extremely crucial role in most companies, since having talented employees is one of the most important functions any company could ever aspire to. Having a capable HR staff, fully enabled to find, recruit, and reward a company’s top performers will be a very important part of any company’s business objectives in the coming years.

DataTerrain HCM With Oracle

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