DataTerrain Inc is a result of ten plus years of effort towards a simple goal – Data Analytics and reporting at your fingertips. Data exists in every segment of the business but yet two primary challenges constantly arise –

1. How can we make data meaningful and reliable in decision making?
2. How can we make data readily accessible when you wanted?

These questions lead us to smart Analytics and reporting. We built many tools over the years towards the goal and kept automation as our common driving factor. We believe automation provides reliability, consistency, speed and cost benefits that are unmatched.

Our work during the past ten years has significantly strengthened our core businesses to the point where we can more aggressively go after the opportunities created by a rapidly changing BI market. It is to reignite and refocus on the innovative BI products pipeline and automation technology we created DataTerrain Inc. The company now has the independence, focus, financial resources, and flexibility needed to adapt quickly to market and customer dynamics.

Our technical team and their expertise that provided our enviable growth stay the same in DataTerrain. We are now positioned to accelerate performance, drive sustained growth and demonstrate clear industry leadership in BI automation. We strongly believe DataTerrain as a vibrant entity which will unlock the full potential to develop successful products in Business Intelligence analytics and reporting world.

Our Values

  • We design and develop automation tools for successful Business Intelligence Analytics and reporting.
  • We deliver unique and consistent Business Intelligence reporting solutions and services.
  • We believe that latest and greatest in BI analytics and reporting isn’t something you should have to wait for.

Customers turn to DataTerrain Inc. for three reasons

Automation- The DataTerrain Report transition service is wholly unique in the industry of reporting and business intelligence. Customers save time and cost by taking advantage of our unique automated report transition service. Automation beats manual transition every single time!

Expertise- DataTerrain offers rapid new reports build, merge and roll out tools that maintain security and consistency as an integral part of automation engine. Being experts in reporting and BI tools, our team is always asking:  How to bring automation to deliver speed, consistency, and quality in Business intelligence reporting? What aren’t the BI vendors delivering that customers need? When we ask these questions, we create solutions. DataTerrain products and reporting solutions are available for license to customers to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their BI implementations. Oracle and IBM have recognized us as partners for your BI reports transition and upgrade solutions.

Global leverage- Our business and engineering team can scale up to very time-constrained demands. Our on-site and off-shore teams can ramp up or down, adapting as your project requirements change.

DataTerrain, Inc., is Delivering Business Intelligence at your fingertips! from
228 Hamilton Avenue,
3rd Floor,
Palo Alto, CA 94301