Cognos Powerplay

PowerBI is a collection of data driven applications that provide business insight for your teams at every level of your organization. PowerBI migration allows your employees to seamlessly integrate findings into wide distribution, where they will be put to the best use. If your business is looking for the most accurate data reporting and insight gathering suite of applications, read on to find out more.

PowerBI is driven by a number of applications that all work together to add value and versatility to every level of decision making. Long term planning and short term goals are all affected by the insights leveraged from this suite of applications. Businesses that take advantage of these cutting edge insights place themselves in an advantageous position, especially in extra competitive markets and business areas that were adversely affected by COVID-19.

Here are 7 concrete reasons you should consider PowerBI Migration:

1. Agility – Start receiving insights quickly with no required training and nearly no setup on your end. Utilize the top reporting dashboards as soon as you start.

2. Synergize distribution – Upload reports and data to a central server and skip traditional drive applications and the dubious security of emails.

3. Up to date information – As more data is added to your server, the speed at which you gain insights is only increased. Visualize your tasks and data driven goals at the press of a button.

4. The power of customization – Give your HR executive the power to create their own navigation, increasing workflow and making your employees more engaged. This is one of the great benefits of migration from Jasper to PowerBI.

5. Security – Set up different levels of access within your organization while retaining the highest standard of digital security on one of your most precious resources; your data.

6. Integration – Mobile, desktop, and browser based UI are all part of PowerBI’s interface. Make it as easy as possible for your team to add and create insights.

7. Artificial Intelligence – PowerBI users can access image recognition and text analytics, create machine learning models, and integrate with other algorithms.

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