Grow Your Business with PowerBI Migration

Many valuable technology tools are out there for businesses today, including HCM reports and PowerBI. In this tech article, you’ll learn about five common pitfalls that businesses often confront while performing PowerBI migrations. PowerBI migration can bring many direct benefits to your organization, and avoiding these mistakes can help you get the most out of it.

  1. Not Eliminating Bottlenecks

PowerBI makes analyses and processes smoother, so migrating to PowerBI is a great opportunity to evaluate your business and eliminate bottlenecks. Are intricate but inscrutable documents causing problems? Is your IT department constantly swamped and behind? Use PowerBI adoption as an opportunity to solve problems like these.

  1. Replicating the Old System

When migrating to PowerBI, some users are tempted to try to replicate the old system. But there’s likely a good reason your business is moving to PowerBI, so try not to fall into the trap of re-creating the previous setup. That would simply be setting yourself up to encounter the same problems.

  1. Not Training Your Employees

Your company’s employees will get the most out of PowerBI if they know what to expect. Training on the new way of doing things will help them embrace the useful features of PowerBI and leverage them to help your business. And many businesses fail to invest properly in training, so yours can get a leg up on the rest by making that investment.

  1. Not Adapting the Data

PowerBI uses the star schema modeling approach, which may be different from what your business’s legacy system uses to handle data. It’s critical to start learning about and utilizing newer technology rather than trying to stick with old approaches.

  1. Not Planning Ahead

Reading this article is a good sign that you’re making an effort to plan for your PowerBI migration, but don’t stop here: Planning is critical. DataTerrain devotes time and energy training our experts to navigate PowerBI migration and facilitate it within your organization

Bring Your Organization Together with HCM cloud

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