Business Intelligence Tools At Your Fingertips

Human Resource data is an integral component of any business infrastructure. In today’s dynamic corporate environment, the HR function has to anticipate and respond to the demands of a high performing and mobile workforce.

One way to go about this is by adopting cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions such as Oracle Fusion HCM cloud service. Oracle HCM is an integrated cloud BI tool that can be an asset to any business. Herein are 4 beneficial aspects of switching to this integrated solution.

1. Manage Top Talent In New Environment

Businesses today focus on recruiting the best employees and retaining top talent. As such, HR has to ensure that it collects and publishes business intelligence that can help with managing talent and answering important financial questions.

Oracle cloud-based HCM is designed to engage employees and track their expertise, certifications, compensation, and interest as well as automated report conversion. With cloud-based solutions, HR teams can bolster real-time hiring efforts and assess internal talent according to business priorities.

2. Navigate Change In HR Responsibilities

HR professionals have to deliver better data, be more strategic and add greater business value. The challenge often lies in accomplishing these tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. A cloud-based HCM system enables HR to complete daily tasks, including processing time-off request, awarding promotions, facilitating management efforts and negotiating benefits.

Pressure on HR is evolving to become involved in strategic business decisions. Oracle HCM can swiftly deliver the insight needed to answer new questions from management and provide powerful business intelligence.

3. Cost Benefits

A cloud-based application can offer your business significant cost advantages. Oracle cloud HCM systems provide greater scalability, efficiency, flexibility, and agility than any on-premise solutions. Traditional HR systems come with complexity and cost challenges during major upgrades.

This can frustrate both end users and executive sponsors. Cloud-based systems ensure that your organization simplifies IT since you only have to pay for what the business requires. As a plus, HR departments reduce their reliance on IT departments.

4. Improve HR Output

Oracle HCM cloud solutions provide a platform for BI tool migration and self-service opportunities that reduce labor. The overall effect of this is that HR can increase the value it delivers to the business.

Oracle HCM has tools that can enhance recruitment processes on an international scale with analytics depth. It enables seamless talent sourcing whereby HR can use data to attract better talent quickly and effectively.

DataTerrain Provides BI and Automated Report Conversion Services

While cloud-based HCM solutions can be an asset to any organization, building a strong business case for it is not always easy. Fortunately, there are several smart ways to go about this. These include developing a structured and data-based business case, focusing on the right challenges, cultivating a sense of urgency and having an effective implementation roadmap. If you want to move your organization forward with the power of business intelligence, contact DataTerrain today.