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Rethink your current HCM Cloud Approach

In the world of business, there is a lot of information regarding onboarding and its benefits. Most companies find success with new onboarding techniques that capitalize on HCM cloud technology. Companies that do not apply these tools often end up spending nearly double the time and money when they are looking for new talent. These onboarding practices have also been shown to increase employee retention, reduce production and training time, and increase your return on investment. In this blog, we will explore some examples of these benefits, as well as how your organization can implement these strategies.

  1. Efficiency Through Automation

When a company utilizes Oracle Fusion HCM for onboarding, it often lowers costs during training. This is because of reduced overhead in the hiring process and moving past the need to monitor every aspect of the onboarding process. This allows executives and crucial talent to focus on critical tasks without having their attention pulled in opposite directions.

  1. Productive Time

Strategic implementation of advanced onboarding significantly reduces the time a company requires to reach productivity. Manual paperwork is only required in traditional onboarding, while advanced strategies go completely paperless. This means doing away with unnecessary procedures such as filling forms and questionnaires while allowing other essential company activities such as training to take place.

  1. Low Turnover

Your onboarding strategy has a significant effect on turnover rates. A company will save on costs and increase overall revenue with reduced processing during hiring procedures. We have seen extreme drops in turnover rates after organizations have implemented these new strategies.

  1. Better New Hire Experience

Advanced onboarding has many advantages. When properly implemented, it allows new hires to become more productive quicker than ever while settling into their role in the company with ease. Oracle HCM Fusion reports ensures that less time is taken before the employees’ first day which ensures that redundancies related to data entry are eliminated.

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