Oracle HCM Reports Can Innovate Your Workflow

Business leaders often talk about being agile, innovating more, developing talented employees, and communicating better—but how can companies actually accomplish those goals? As the benefits outlined in this article show, applications like those available through the HCM Cloud can go a long way toward achieving those goals and more.

Streamlined Software Solutions

Excessive login requirements can annoy any employee, yet many companies have separate systems for tracking time, scheduling projects, gathering data, allocating budgetary resources, and other tasks. Just logging in to all of those systems can feel burdensome, let alone learning how to use them effectively and jumping from software platform to software platform throughout a workday. However, a cloud-based system can relieve employees of that burden. For example, the HCM suite of applications gives HR professionals access to core HR functions, a help desk, and workforce modeling through HCM reports.


Automating repeated tasks can save time and money while reducing employee burnout. For instance, HR professionals can automatically gather much of the data they need on employees via HCM Cloud reports, which are designed to collect data and then present it in easy-to-digest formats. Take employee retention as just one area where automated data collection can be invaluable: Rather than sending out surveys about how engaged and likely to stay employees are, cloud apps can analyze those factors and provide actionable data.

Communication from Anywhere

Cloud based applications facilitate communication that can take place from anywhere and at any time through channels like chats and review notes. That makes remote work—which is here to stay—easier to accomplish, and it can make employees feel connected, even if they don’t see each other very often.


When an employee joins a company, training them on how to fulfill their job duties is essential for setting that person up for success. But ongoing training and development is essential for keeping them, too. A vast majority of employees value ongoing development so much that they’d remain with a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn. Continued training often results in more effective employees who are more likely to stay—and it’s made all the easier by software like HCM Cloud Applications.

See The Power of Oracle BI Support

The HCM applications offer workforce management solutions and ways to boost employee engagement. Additionally, HR professionals can learn from Oracle reports about the employees in their organization. Learn more about how DataTerrain reporting can help your company grow and adapt to any change in business environment by contacting us here.