Cloud Based HCM and ERP Unification Has Amazing Benefits

The number of companies moving their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM) to the cloud is on the rise, and for good reason! Cloud-based information is more mainstream, which is why businesses are opting to move their on-premise solutions.

ERP and HCM cloud systems come with several benefits like cost-effectiveness, optimized workflows, and single-source data sets. Beyond these, there are other unexpected advantages that mostly benefit Human Resources.

1. Having a Continuous Business Transformation

Businesses that successfully transition their data to the cloud experience improved productivity, improvements in most of their departments, better strategic planning, and even better decision making. Unifying ERP and HCM brings high return, making it very important for continuous business transformation. Successful collaboration between ERP and HCM produces high ROI and illuminates the path towards essential shifts in the business culture producing innovation at a rapid pace.

2. The Exposure of Skill Gaps and Growth Opportunities

Migrating to the cloud often illuminates gaps in the skill of your employees. Often time management and communication between departments increases almost immediately after transitioning. This gives the HR department the ability to locate individuals or teams that are struggling as well as the tools to facilitate a change in behavior.

3. The Preparation of Disruptions by the HR and Finance Teams

Cloud integration will allow you to spend more time and more resources on strategic initiatives, higher value, individual contributors and management. When this happens, more employees will adaptable and in better positions to prepare for disruptions before they happen.

When your teams and individuals in the business are acclimated to flexible working models, they develop abilities to solve problems as they happen and can collaborate to meet the market needs, they become capable of handling any disruptions in the workplace as well.

Facilitate Your Business Intelligence Needs with Oracle HCM

Cloud-based HCM benefits HR department in more ways than one would expect. This makes it a suitable business strategy for any company. If you’re interested in moving your Human Resource Management system to the cloud, or would like to know more about cloud-based report conversion, contact DataTerrain today. Our business experts can help you take your organization to the next level.