In Oracle Fusion HCM there are multiple options to view or extract the output. But to simplify the process of scheduling we can set up the extract to deliver the output directly to our Inbox.

We can use the BI server to schedule the report and deliver. But scheduling extract based BI reports is a tedious process since we have to wait for our payroll flows to complete and then the BI report has to be scheduled separately; it is 2 step process.

Oracle Fusion HCM provides an Extract option from which output can be delivered just by running the Payroll Flow, so there is no need to Schedule the BIP Reports every time you create a new flow. This can be achieved by configuring the Extract to deliver the output through various options like Email, Fax, FTP, or Print

Here are the steps to configure the Extract for delivering the output through Email.

  1. Select the extract that we need to configure delivery option and go to extract Delivery Options and Click on Add to create a new delivery option.
  1. Then Specify the Delivery Option Name, Output Type, Report Path, Template Name, Output Name and Delivery Type and click on Save.
  • Delivery Option Name –Report Name
  • Output Type – can be any of PDF, EXCEL, EXCEL 2007, etc..,
  • Report – The path of the BIP Template located (i.e. Report Layout)
  • Template Name – Name of the Template Uploaded BI server
  • Output Name – Can be given of our Own
  • Delivery Type–Select the Email option from dropdown, and mention the Subject, From and To address and other required columns.

The above steps completes the simplified scheduling configuration and the report is scheduled for delivery.