Oracle Fusion HCM has a feature Person Management to track all the employee Assignments, employee details

For example, we can use the Person Number, Location, Name, Effective Date to get an employee detail.

Below are the list of major factors to use the Person Management data to track all your employee assignments in Oracle Fusion HCM reports

  • To identify an employee work relationship where he/she worked and used in HCM reports
  • Action Reason Code can be used to track all the details related to Assignment level and employer level in HCM Reports.
  • To check the employee Assignment Details and also whether the employee is eligible for payroll or not. This scenario can be used to get all historical data of employee for Audit purpose.
  • We can get the Person previous and current work Address, Home Address and personal details in reports
  • Assignment Action Date can be used as a filter in the extract and report level to get the required data for an employee.
  • We can use the History Assignment entity to get the Global Transfer Data of an employee in HCM Report.

We can use the Person Management concept to obtain all data related to employees which will help in periodic tracking and also for Audit purposes.

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