Seeded Extracts are designed with parameter that will return either the detailed data or the summary data of the payroll process. We have balance groups which helps to summarize the payroll data and reduce the aggregation or any calculation on the extract or report level. But some time we might require to display both detail of some balances and summary data of some balances in that scenario we could not use our existing HCM extracts to return both type of data in single schedule of BIP report.

Steps to Fetch Summary and Detail Payroll data Using Multiple HCM extract for Single report.

  • Create new HCM extract with Report_YTD_Summary parameter defaulted as ‘Yes’ for returning the summary data.
  • And create another extract for detailed data and default Report_YTD_Summary parameter defaulted as ‘No’ to fetch all the payroll transaction happened throughout the given range.
  • Create new payroll flow for both the extracts with same flow name and run simultaneously.
  • With help of BIP rtf template we can create layout to display the detail and summary data with help Payroll flows out of that 2 extracts.

Oracle HCM fusion allows as to create new custom extract or report using options and features available.