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Increase Your Return On Investment With Oracle HCM


Oracle HCM provides many ways to increase a business’s return on investment (or ROI) by utilizing advanced business intelligence strategies along with cutting edge HCM solutions. Read more here to find out just how it can help your organization move to the next level.

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How Oracle is Re-Introducing the Human Aspect of HR

Successful Businesses Use Oracle HCM For successful management and retention of the most exceptional talent, it is necessary for organizations to have complete access to the appropriate technology. Why? This is not only to anticipate and effectively respond to the continually evolving workforce needs but to also enhance employee experience.

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What Can PeopleTools 8.56 Do For Your Business?

Oracle HCM Services Are Constantly Advancing Oracle has recently released the newest edition of PeopleTools 8.56, the most up-to-date version of the PeopleSoft applications development tool. This comes as great news because this version features new provisions designed to enhance the user experience, productivity, and search capabilities. For businesses in particular, this release comes as an added advantage to the Oracle HCM suite.

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Improve Performance by Providing a Challenging Experience

hcm performance bi tools

Employee productivity is entirely dependent on the management strategies put in place by the HR department. Software such as Oracle BI tools are a must-have for any HR department that wants to tap into the full potential of their employees.

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Human Capital Management Resources

Oracle HCM Taleo

Human Capital Management Resources for Modern Business The roles played by the Human Resource officers a few decades ago are not exactly the same today. A lot has changed with time; most importantly the evolution of technology. The use of data in planning, recruiting and management of employees is a must in today’s era. While some of the successful HR officers are already using data, a lot still lacks in terms of incorporation of this data with financial insights. Finance is the center of every business.

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5 Best Practices in Creating Oracle Fusion HCM Reports

In our knowledge-based economy, investment and management of human capital are very critical. Information related to human capital management has to be treated with rigor and focus similar to financial capital. Oracle Fusion HCM cloud solutions provide the necessary platform to collate data and create reports on human capital, which helps to measure the impact of the human capital investment. Here we’ll discuss the best practices to adopt while creating Oracle Fusion HCM analytics and reports so that it is easier to secure and maintain the reports in future. Best Practices for Setting Up Oracle HCM Reports HCM is becoming central to value creation and competitive advantage for many organizations. So to ensure more emphasis on HCM, organizations now need up to date information on people, compensation, talent management and performance metrics in their reports. The following best practice can be adopted for the Oracle HCM Cloud report creation: Define the folder the report should reside Oracle HCM provides 3 types of folders to store the reports: MyFolder (only user can view the report) Shared folder (viewable by other users with appropriate permission) Custom folder (for customized objects). Storing in appropriate folders will secure the reports and will be easier […]

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