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Evolve To The Future of Multi-Dimensional HR With Oracle

Oracle HCM

With advanced business strategies, Oracle BI puts your HCM in the fast lane. Oracle HCM moves your business forward by offering new and innovative solutions to HR and BI tools. Read on to learn more about how HR is changing.

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Increase Your Return On Investment With Oracle HCM


Oracle HCM provides many ways to increase a business’s return on investment (or ROI) by utilizing advanced business intelligence strategies along with cutting edge HCM solutions. Read more here to find out just how it can help your organization move to the next level.

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How Oracle is Re-Introducing the Human Aspect of HR

Successful Businesses Use Oracle HCM For successful management and retention of the most exceptional talent, it is necessary for organizations to have complete access to the appropriate technology. Why? This is not only to anticipate and effectively respond to the continually evolving workforce needs but to also enhance employee experience.

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What Can PeopleTools 8.56 Do For Your Business?

Oracle HCM Services Are Constantly Advancing Oracle has recently released the newest edition of PeopleTools 8.56, the most up-to-date version of the PeopleSoft applications development tool. This comes as great news because this version features new provisions designed to enhance the user experience, productivity, and search capabilities. For businesses in particular, this release comes as an added advantage to the Oracle HCM suite.

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Managing Oracle Fusion HCM Extract Parameters

Oracle Fusion HCM Extract adds a list of parameters to the Extract by default based on the profile (such as HR, Payroll, Benefits etc.) that we select to create the HCM Extract. To modify the provided list of parameters in the Extract as per our requirements, Refine Extracts feature can be used. Using Refine Extracts, we can manage the HCM Extract Parameters as given below: 1. We can have different type of parameters such as Choice list, Date Picker, Radio Button and List of Values. 2. Using Lookup in the Refine Extracts, We can select which column should be used as parameter. 3. We can also set the parameter value to be derived from a SQL using Post SQL Bind. 4. Default values could be set to the parameter, this will be useful when we are running the Extract only for a particular Legal Employer or Payroll at all times. 5. A Parameter can be displayed or hidden. Display option could be set to NO, if we would like to hide a parameter.   Visit  Creating an Oracle HCM Fusion Payroll report  to track Multi Active Employees  

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Improve Performance by Providing a Challenging Experience

hcm performance bi tools

Employee productivity is entirely dependent on the management strategies put in place by the HR department. Software such as Oracle BI tools are a must-have for any HR department that wants to tap into the full potential of their employees.

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Human Capital Management Resources

Oracle HCM Taleo

Human Capital Management Resources for Modern Business The roles played by the Human Resource officers a few decades ago are not exactly the same today. A lot has changed with time; most importantly the evolution of technology. The use of data in planning, recruiting and management of employees is a must in today’s era. While some of the successful HR officers are already using data, a lot still lacks in terms of incorporation of this data with financial insights. Finance is the center of every business.

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Attending Alliance18? Join us for our speaker sessions!

Attending Alliance18? Join us for our speaker sessions! Simplify and Accelerate PeopleSoft HCM to Oracle HCM Cloud migration – (3/26) 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM How to transport PeopleSoft Crystal to BIP via automation –  (3/27) 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM Converting Hyperion Brio and Discover reports to Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) via automation –  (3/27) 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

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