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Person Management data for employee assignments in Oracle Fusion HCM

Oracle Fusion HCM has a feature Person Management to track all the employee Assignments, employee details For example, we can use the Person Number, Location, Name, Effective Date to get an employee detail. Below are the list of major factors to use the Person Management data to track all your employee assignments in Oracle Fusion HCM reports To identify an employee work relationship where he/she worked and used in HCM reports Action Reason Code can be used to track all the details related to Assignment level and employer level in HCM Reports. To check the employee Assignment Details and also whether the employee is eligible for payroll or not. This scenario can be used to get all historical data of employee for Audit purpose. We can get the Person previous and current work Address, Home Address and personal details in reports Assignment Action Date can be used as a filter in the extract and report level to get the required data for an employee. We can use the History Assignment entity to get the Global Transfer Data of an employee in HCM Report. We can use the Person Management concept to obtain all data related to employees which will help […]

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Best Practices in Creating HCM Reports

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Best Practices in Creating HCM Reports Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) is a revolutionary step in human capital management in the cloud.  In the past few years, cloud technology saw robust growth as a large number of customers adapting cloud-based option and the volume of the transaction happening seamlessly.

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Top 5 Advantages of Migrating to a Cloud-based Oracle HCM Fusion

Why should you move to a cloud based Oracle HCM Fusion? Cloud based solution is highly available – so no fear of data loss or server crashes. Higher Security controls are available in cloud based solutions due to periodic updates of security compliance features. Seamless and periodic upgrades to enhance the features of the Payroll System and keep it in tune with the industry best practices. Drill down features to track each Department/Individual’s work hours or Compensations/Benefits provided Availability of many ready to use solutions like analyzing the existing employees’ growth or the need of new hires.

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What are Balance Groups in Oracle Fusion HCM

Balances in HCM are amounts or hours that are aggregated based on Month, Quarter or Year. Balance Group and Balance Group Usages for the specific Balances based on our requirement can be created from the Payroll Calculation work area in the Oracle Fusion HCM environment. Oracle HCM Fusion provides us the option of using either Pre-defined balance groups or User-defined custom balance groups for our reports. Pre-defined Balance groups in HCM contain information about all the earnings and deductions but if we would like to see only the amounts or hours of a particular list of earnings, User-defined custom balance group can be created with the list of earnings that we require and use it in our custom extract to view only the values for those earnings. The custom Balance Group Usage that has been created can be included in our Custom HCM Extract for fetching the Run, Month, Quarter, Year to Date values for the included Balances such as Net Pay, Earnings or deductions. Since we are pulling only the required earnings, the performance of the extract is also better than using the predefined balance groups that pulls the entire list of earnings and deductions. HCM allows us to […]

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Why use Element Entries based reports in Oracle Fusion HCM during Payroll cycle.

  Oracle Fusion HCM Element entries provide a good snapshot at the elements going to be processed on our employees next paychecks – compensation, benefit or taxation details for earnings and deductions. It would be very difficult to go through every employee record to see if she/he is wrongly contributed to incorrect elements or if she/he needs refund on the tax deductions. To make the validations simpler you can create an analysis report on your Oracle Fusion HCM system which makes your payroll process an easy one. Below are the list of major scenarios that your organization might need HCM extract to pull data for To identify if anyone has contributed to the incorrect elements and need a refund. If there is particular range of amounts for certain elements that needs to be reviewed before processing. If Deduction Contribution needs have been reviewed. Check if any employee have contribution limit on particular element and see if it exceeds limit set IRS/Tax systems. If an element has a negative value. To identify if there are any employee is transferred and had benefit and/or compensation deductions that may need setup on their new company. List of active contributions/deductions. We can have multiple […]

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Create Oracle HCM Fusion Report to Display Summary and Detail Payroll Data

Seeded Extracts are designed with parameter that will return either the detailed data or the summary data of the payroll process. We have balance groups which helps to summarize the payroll data and reduce the aggregation or any calculation on the extract or report level. But some time we might require to display both detail of some balances and summary data of some balances in that scenario we could not use our existing HCM extracts to return both type of data in single schedule of BIP report. Steps to Fetch Summary and Detail Payroll data Using Multiple HCM extract for Single report. Create new HCM extract with Report_YTD_Summary parameter defaulted as ‘Yes’ for returning the summary data. And create another extract for detailed data and default Report_YTD_Summary parameter defaulted as ‘No’ to fetch all the payroll transaction happened throughout the given range. Create new payroll flow for both the extracts with same flow name and run simultaneously. With help of BIP rtf template we can create layout to display the detail and summary data with help Payroll flows out of that 2 extracts. Oracle HCM fusion allows as to create new custom extract or report using options and features available.

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