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How to Open a BIRT Report in Designer

These are the steps to open a BIRT report in Designer: Launch BIRT Designer Professional Click “ok” to Choose default workspace in workspace launcher. We can also specify a new workspace path. After selecting the workspace environment the new Report Design window will open. In the Report designer window, Go to File ->Open File->Open drive and Folder in File Browser Window (Open File)-> select the .rptdesign file Have questions? Check out our FAQs page or contact us online via our contact form.

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Key Aspects While Validating BIRT Reports

When there is a need to move to an Opensource technology like BIRT, the following aspects need to be kept in mind while validating the reports, when comparing with the source report.   Data Validation:This can be done by visually comparing the PDF outputs or by comparing the excel outputs using macros and Excel functions. Functionality: By providing multiple prompt values. Note that if source platform (like Oracle Report Builder) has Stored Procedure, the object need to be in separate Dataset and it should reflect in Master Page by Binding. Performance: By running huge volumes of data under multiple scenarios. Filters and Formulae – Compare the filters and formulae. This can be done by manually comparing with the source SQL and PL/SQL.  

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