Migrating OBIEE Answers in Taleo zone from Staging to Production

During Taleo report development, the report is initially developed, tested, and refined in a staging environment. The reports are then deployed later to the production environment. The following steps help you to move the OBIEE Answers reports from Staging to Production environment seamlessly:

In the Staging environment

  1. Navigate to the OBIEE Catalog Menu, select the relevant folder
  2. Choose the “Archive” option and download the folder in “.catalog” format .in your local system

In the Production environment

  1. Navigate to the OBIEE Catalog Menu
  2. Select the required folder to where the reports to be migrated
  3. Select the “Unarchive” option
  4. Choose the required .catalog file from the local system
  5. Upload the file

The above steps completes the migration from Staging to Production.

Note that the same folder structure (Folder path) has to be maintained in both Staging and Production environments. Otherwise, you need to remap the report locations in the Dashboard pages.